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The Innovation Access Pathway

Our Innovation Access Pathway offers a faster, lower risk and assured journey from concept to adoption at scale by providing a systematic approach to capturing, evaluating, developing and prioritising innovations.

Proposed innovations

Health Innovation Manchester is keen to engage with innovations that help address the needs and priorities of our population. We are actively targeting innovations that span the health and social care spectrum, both those that require trialling, or have already been trialled and require system-wide adoption.

We welcome innovations from industry, academia and from health and care professionals, identified through a variety of means which include both targeted calls to industry; horizon scanning from local, national and international health systems; and opportunistic enquiries and engagement.

Improved patient outcomes

Greater Manchester faces significant population health challenges. These include:

  • An ageing population
  • Lifestyle challenges
  • High rates of ill health and mortality linked to mental health

Health Innovation Manchester aims to achieve the greatest and fastest possible improvement to the health and wellbeing of the 2.8 million people living in our region and beyond.

Innovation Inflow & Screening

Screening Criteria – the purpose of the screen is to quickly capture the basic information that will be entered into an innovation database in order to identify proposals that fulfill the Greater Manchester needs criteria. These proposals will be progressed to the ‘Case for Change’ qualification.

Qualification & Impact Assessment

A project manager will be responsible for liaising with the company/research and getting input to the feasibility and worth of the proposal from the relevant parts of the health system. They would look to engage the expertise within the health system to help qualify the proposal.

Implementation, adoption & spread

The most important contributor to accelerated innovation across Greater Manchester is a reduction in the number of steps required and time taken to secure the approval for adoption across all relevant providers.

Health Innovation Manchester has established a clear and assured route from pilot to adoption across all relevant providers ensuring alignment of target outputs with system needs from the outset; agreed monitoring and evaluation frameworks (inclusive of health economics); and active patient and public involvement.


Adopted ideas will be evaluated both quantitatively and qualitatively to measure the benefits against expectations. Clear identification of the expected benefits and how they will be measured will be de ned at the outset to enable effective evaluation and there will be active engagement with health and social care staff and patients/citizens to measure the impact across a range of criteria

Lessons learned

Health Innovation Manchester will also have a significant role in maintaining a collective memory of lessons learned through the innovation pathway, to be fed back into both the pathway and wider system. This will be enabled by the strength of Health Innovation Manchester’s evaluation strategy and the support provided to measure the cost and benefits of innovations against expectations. This will facilitate a continuous learning cycle whereby lessons-learned are quickly converted into evolving practice within the health and social care system, contributing to faster development, adaptability and the ability to effect real change for population health and well-being.

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Innovation Access Pathway support

A one-stop-shop for clinical research offering faster contracting; easy access to expertise, infrastructure and patient cohorts; and easier delivery of high quality clinical research to time and target.

Support to protect your intellectual property including advice and guidance on types and forms of protection; confidentiality agreements; branding and trademarks; IP agreements and funding support for collaborative projects.

Support to collaborate with the NHS – the largest healthcare provider in the world – and navigate through its scale and complexity. We can help industry innovators access this massively attractive market to ensure patients benefit from innovation sooner.

Support to access a wide number and range of funding and investment opportunities available to develop products and services for the NHS.

Support to understand the requirements for innovations to go through clinical trials to satisfy a number of different requirements. Whether it be evidence an innovation meets a regulatory requirement, or the needs of an organisation, CE marking for new devices or existing devices being used outside its intended process, we can provide advice and practical support.

Support to access cutting-edge informatics research and digital health innovation. Our pioneering informatics infrastructure allows safer care; research and innovation at scale and pace; and the rapid assessment and evaluation of healthcare innovations.

Support to access a vibrant and active network of sites offering lab and/or office space, from long-established science parks to recently-established creative media spaces. Helping you get the space to suit your needs and build your business.

Providing a single point of access for SMEs in the life science sector to access a network of specialist support within Greater Manchester, encouraging growth and thereby delivering long-term health and wealth benefits to Greater Manchester.

With our extensive network of contacts within the healthcare, industry and academic area, we can put you in touch with the right people, giving you a range of networking opportunities.

Using our extensive expertise and experience in delivering service change across a wide geography, we can help implement your innovation into routine practice at pace and scale across the Greater Manchester health and social care partnership and beyond.

Help to understand the NHS commissioning and procurement landscape, working in partnership with NHS Procurement colleagues and industry to increase the alignment and relevance of innovative new products and services to meet the needs of the NHS and patients.

Support to access Greater Manchester Health and Social Care partnership, comprising 37 health and social care organisations providing services to a stable, largely self-contained, yet diverse population of 2.8m.

Research excellence
Intellectual property
Clinical Trials & evaluation
H&SC Partnership

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