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Healthy Hearts: Systematic identification of high-risk CVD patients


Healthy Hearts is an innovative programme aiming to reduce deaths from Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) through better identification of those at risk of heart attack or stroke in Greater Manchester.

The project will work closely with Clinical Commissioning Groups to find those at highest risk of CVD, including those with high blood pressure and high cholesterol in a systematic and targeted approach. The programme will also link with targeted health checks and lifestyle interventions. Data shows that if each CCG in the area reached the level of the five best similar CCGs, there would be 356 fewer deaths for under 75-year-olds each year.

It is estimated that ideal control of diagnosed hypertensives – those patients with high blood pressure – could save 470 heart attacks and 700 strokes over three years in Greater Manchester, a financial saving of over £13.2 million. The project aims to reduce deaths from CVD by at least 600 by 2021 and identify those at highest risk of CVD to enable treatment, lifestyle interventions and self- management opportunities.

Health Innovation Manchester have also provided practices in Greater Manchester with access to the AliveCor Kardia hand-held Atrial Fibrillation (AF) detection device to improve care for people with AF and reduce AF-related strokes. The mobile ECG devices help with the detection of people with AF in clinical and/or community settings.

To find out more about the project contact: Cara Afzal, Senior Programme Development Lead cara.afzal@healthinnovationmanchester.com

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