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ERAS+ Enhanced Recovery After Surgery

Patients undergoing surgery at six Greater Manchester hospitals will be prepared for the experience in the best possible way using the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS+) programme. The surgical pathway builds on the success of the in-hospital programme but expands it to include six weeks of pre-surgery patient preparation and post-hospital recovery six weeks after, with patients and their family supported through a Surgery School.

There are around 250,000 high-risk elective major surgeries a year in England and Wales and there is a post-operative pulmonary complication risk (PPC) of up to 30%.  Complications, such respiratory failure or pneumonia, can increase the length of stay in hospital and reduce life expectancy after surgery.

The ERAS+ programme places the patient at the centre of their own recovery and supports them to be dynamic in their own care. It encourages increased activity, better nutrition, oral healthcare and the practice of chest exercises to help reduce chest problems. It aims to reduce complications post-surgery, with evidence suggesting a reduction in pulmonary complications by 50%, reduce the length of stay in hospital by around three days and improve quality of life for patients for six to 12 months after major surgery.

Trusts participating in ERAS+ are Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, Stockport NHS Foundation Trust, Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust and The Christie NHS Foundation Trust.

To find out more about the project contact: Farah Irfan-Khan, Project Manager, Farah.irfan-khan@healthinnovationmanchester.com

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