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Our role

Our vision is to be a recognised international leader in accelerating innovation that transforms citizens’ health and wellbeing.

Leveraging the exceptional academic and clinical assets of Greater Manchester, we bring together basic research, translational research, clinical demand, and industry know-how and investment under a single umbrella; focused wholly on the needs of a population of 2.8m people. Our offer as an Academic Health Science System works across Greater Manchester and also encompasses East Lancashire and East Cheshire.

Operating within a devolved health and social care system enables us to create a unique infrastructure and environment for industry innovators to flourish – with a single gateway and innovation pathway, world-class informatics infrastructure, clear view of system needs, and processes that enable speedier decision-making and more certain routes to adoption.

Select key assets include:

  • A reputation for clinical and translational research aligned to strengths in clinical trials and ground-breaking work in real-world drug trials.
  • Excellence in experimental medicine and biomedical research including major infrastructure for stratified medicine, proteomics, biomarkers, molecular pathology and cancer research.
  • Internationally recognised strength in health informatics, the Farr Institute and NorthWest EHealth.
  • New multi-site Biomedical Research Centre (BRC), harnessing world-class expertise, especially in the field of precision medicine.
  • Academic excellence in the fields of social care and training of allied health professionals.
  • Leading clinical assets and high performing NHS Trust hospitals including The Christie which is globally respected for its work in cancer treatment, and Salford Royal, home to the most mature electronic patient record system in the UK.

For more about our role see our brochure here


We are audacious in our thinking, courageous in our decision-making.

We work collaboratively and act collectively even when it is difficult.

When the research evidence is strong, we drive the reliable implementation of innovation into practice and standardise implementation and adoption across Greater Manchester.

Through the implementation of innovation into practice across Greater Manchester this  enables us to  improve the health of many, rather than the few.

Working in partnership across institutional boundaries as well as sectors, we discover, develop and deploy innovation that improves the effectiveness and efficiency of health and social care as well as ensuring it is sustainable in the long term.

We are open-minded about the solutions required and where they are sourced from.

We require collaboration and partnerships that draw in expertise from diverse sources – academia, industry, NHS within and outside Greater Manchester – and will pro-actively create, develop and support these.

We actively seek new solutions and look for novel ways to accelerate their development where possible.

We champion and celebrate research and innovation and the positive impact it has on health as well as promoting the opportunities it provides to those working within health and social care.

audacious in
our thinking


implementation of

improve the
health of many

discover, develop and
deploy innovation

open-minded about
the solutions

partnerships that
draw in expertise

actively seek
new solutions

champion and
celebrate research

Our impact

Like all cities and countries, Greater Manchester is facing significant public health challenges. This is against a backdrop of rising health and social care costs. At the same time, the challenges and barriers to introducing innovation into health and social care services at pace are global issues. Empowered by devolution, Greater Manchester is uniquely placed to tackle both of these challenges.

Health Innovation Manchester is transforming and differentiating the region by:

  • Positioning Greater Manchester as an internationally renowned location for life science, med-tech and digital healthcare research and innovation.
  • Accelerating the discovery, development and deployment of innovation that improves our population’s health and wellbeing.
  • Contributing to national and international health and life science policy.

Discover, Develop, Deploy



Health Innovation Manchester is accelerating the discovery, development and deployment of innovation to transform the health and well-being of our population.